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PROPERTY BROTHERS Season 8 "Hoping to Get Lucky"
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PROPERTY BROTHERS Season 8 "Basement Blues"
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Recent Editorial Features

Interior Design Feature 
Vue New Jersey,  August 2020
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Styling for This Old House May/June 2020
Styling for This Old House, March 2019
House Smarts
Interior Design Feature Story
Fall 2018
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Home third spread.jpg
Home fourth spread.jpg
Styling for 
This Old House
Fall 2018
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TOHvintage spread.jpg
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Before and After NJ .com
January 2018
Interior Design Feature Story
This Old House, January 2017
Styling For This Old House
November/December 2016
Styling For
This Old House 2016
Orange Magazine October/November 2016
NJ Inspire Issue II 2016
Interior Design Feature Story
This Old House June 2016
Styling For
Design NJ June/July 2016
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